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Ask Naki

Hi, I'm Laura the zony! I will answer your questions and stuff ^-^ ummm...and if the ask box isn't there it means I'm trying to catch up >u< and please no more hug offers, there are just too many of you guys. I am not a role playing ask blog,so please don't send me rp type questions. <3 This blog is a strict sfw blog. Thank you ^-^

I also want to explain a thing, since there are so many new babbus. My style will change, same with my coloring, I like to try new things. ^-^ The title “Kawaii Queen” was given to me by my followers, I don’t abuse the title by wearing a crown, I know there are some out there that think I gave it to myself, and if they read my blog they would know that it was in fact you wonderful babbus who gave it to me. There can be more then 1 kawaii queen, it’s a earned title and it’s not something to fight about. This blog isn’t just “kawaii”, it has it’s dark moments and it has it’s silly moments, it changes cause Laura isn’t a set character, she just does whatever and rolls with it. ^-^ You guys are amazing and I can’t believe I’ve even made it this far, I love you guys <3 keep being awesome. Here’s to more silly zonyness and more fun in the future!

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