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Ask Naki

Hi, I'm Laura the zony! I will answer your questions and stuff ^-^ I am not a role playing ask blog, so please don't send me rp type questions. <3 This blog is a strict sfw blog. Thank you ^-^
*flips table*

*flips table*

  1. overall-insane476 said: You do good anthro
  2. ask-ameliorate-kvasir said: LAURA!!! you be silly tis is beautiful stop doubting yourself >3<
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  4. asksteelhoof said: Clearly you can.
  5. askpeaceful-shimmer said: i bet u can D:
  6. electric-coffee said: @w@ woah beautiful
  7. shpookymemes said: your anthro is best
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    That drawing is fucking awesome
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  10. dead-mare-trotting said: Hey, I love it ^3^ No need to hate such beautiful work~
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    You really can :3